Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So Candidates DPD, youngest daughter ATUT Excellence in Tangerang City

Aprilia Andiara Wisdom , the daughter of the Governor of Banten Atut Chosiyah , winning the vote in the 2014 legislative elections in the city of Tangerang , Banten .

Andiara who is a candidate member of the Regional Representatives Council ( DPD ) scooped voice sound as much as 126 508 .

" From the results of the election plenary recapitulation , Andiara Aprilia Wisdom excels in almost all districts in the city of Tangerang , " said Chairman of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) Sanusi Pane Tangerang City in Tangerang , on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Sanusi added that apart from corruption cases involving ATUT , Tangerang people still give the most votes for the ATUT youngest daughter . It is a public right of Tangerang .

Andiara excel in the vote in the 13 districts of Tangerang City . Total voters in the city bordering Jakarta reached 837,266 people . As for the number of valid ballots reached 669,118 pieces .
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Certainty Andiara elected or not as a member of the DPD will still be waiting for the recapitulation in the electoral districts ( constituencies ) other Banten . Banten Election Commission will organize a new meeting recapitulation at 24 to 5 April 2014.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indonesian harmony in the Vatican

VATICAN CITY , 44 hectares of the country , became a magnet citizens of the world . Every day around 25,000 tourists visit the city-state . One of the favorite locations are the Vatican Museum . Since February 13 until the end of September 2014 , Indonesia held an exhibition at the museum .

Mid- February, around 17:00 Vatican time , about 300 people gathered in the Vatican Museum of Ethnology . They are not only the people of Indonesia , but also the Indonesianists who wish to witness the opening of the exhibition at the museum of Indonesian culture .

Coming President of the Vatican City Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello accompanied by Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar , Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Budiarman Bahar , and Director of the Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci . President of the Vatican City was hit the gong marks the exhibition opened .

When the dance was staged Ask this Srivijaya and Shiva Kandela of South Sumatra . The second dance was shown Artina Production depict cultural harmony , glory , and majesty of the Kingdom of Srivijaya .

COMPASS / Jannes Eudes WAWA Thousands from several countries gathered in St. Peter's Square , Vatican , following the general audience Pope Francis .
For Cardinal Bertello , Indonesia is a unique country : has thousands of tribes with traditions of diverse cultures and languages ​​. Vatican , according to him , continues to encourage intercultural dialogue in the world . In fact , the Vatican argued , interfaith dialogue will not succeed without the cultural dialogue . That is why , the Vatican allow Indonesian culture held at the Museum of Ethnology cast until the end of 2014 .

The exhibition area of ​​400 square meters is located exactly in the area leading from the museum . Installed at the entrance of a Balinese umbrella decorations include the words " Indonesia , Land of Harmony " .

" I have not been to Indonesia , but from friends, and literature , I got a lot of information about Indonesia . We give respect and respect high above the harmony in the diversity of Indonesian society . Not easy to manage society with enormous diversity . However , Indonesian prove it . This is a good example for the people of the world , "said Giuseppe Bertello .

replica of Borobudur

In this exhibition featured 191 kinds of Indonesian artifacts . It was classified into three types , namely works of art , natural beauty , and culture . For example , a replica of the Borobudur Temple which was printed in 1970, on the mall are made and brought two Dutch citizens to the Vatican in 1920 . There is also a wood carving work of sculptor Asmat in Papua as well as photographs and paintings on traditional house Batak Toba traditional house Minang , Tanah Toraja , photos and cremation traditions Galungan in Bali , the tradition of weaving , batik in Java , Lake Toba , Eid traditions , and others .

" Artifacts ethnology is not only important as a historical art objects , but also has become a symbol of harmony plurality of Indonesian society . Mutual respect and a growing respect for the people of Indonesia is the most important part of the promotion of peace , "said the curator of the Museum of Ethnology Vatican Nicola Mapelli .

COMPASS / WAWA Thousands of Jannes Eudes of a number of countries are in St. Peter's Square , Vatican . They wanted to visit the Vatican .
The Vatican Museum is one of the oldest and finest museums in the world . Built since the early 16th century by Pope Julius II , the museum is a collection of dozens of museums that store a variety of art and historical objects since ancient Roman times . Museums include Philatelic and Numismatic Museum , Museum of Christian , Ethnology Museum , Gallery Map Gallery, Calendar , and the Sistine Chapel which became the new pope election .

Until now, only six states had the opportunity to hold an exhibition at the Vatican Museum . One is Indonesian . " We are really fortunate to be given the opportunity to hold the exhibition in the best museums in the world with thousands of visitors per day . Through this exhibition , visitors began to recognize Indonesia , and growing perception , as well as their interest in visiting Indonesia , "said Nirwandar .


An exhibition of Indonesian initiative in the Vatican Museum arise in 2012 . Currently the Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Suprapto see the number of tourists who visit the Vatican Museums average of 25,000 people per day . They come from a number of countries around the world . It is rated as the capital for the promotion of Indonesia .

The options are to approach the manager of the Vatican Museums . The approach was welcomed . In fact , submitted that the Vatican Museum store 1,135 kinds of Indonesian artifacts . The artifacts were taken from the European Catholic missionaries who had served in Indonesia when returning to their home country . Includes gift ever received by the pope and Vatican officials of the Government of Indonesia .

The oldest collection donated Bishop Eugene Tisserant ( 1884-1972 ) . It was in the form of 40 bronze statues representing the Hindu and Buddhist deities in the 8th century and the 14th . There is also a puppet and screen as well as a mini Koran from the 19th century . In fact , there is still a wealth represents a diverse collection of relics of the Hindu , Buddhist , Christian , and Islamic , including a number of tribes in Indonesia .

COMPASS / Jannes WAWA Eudes St. Peter's Square , Vatican .
Business then the Vatican Museum offers artifacts were exhibited and approved for Indonesia. Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy then finance the restoration process involving nine professionals in Rome . They are tasked to record and fix these artifacts . By the end of January 2014 , 191 new artifacts completed restored and exhibited . The rest will follow .
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Chairman of the Indonesian Artifacts Restoration Stevania Pandozy stated amazed with Indonesian artifacts . The goods were described Indonesia as a country that is rich , diverse, but harmonious . " That's why we work with passionate and proud , for contributing to the preservation of Indonesian culture . Let these objects help promote Indonesia , "said Pandozy .


Because cats are contracting meningitis Boy 3 Years

When I was three weeks old , Sparkle Anderson ( 3 ) was diagnosed by doctors at risk of meningitis and died . This disease affects the poor kid because pet cats in the house of the mother , often breaking into the boy and licking his bottle .

Ann Dodd ( 21 ) tells . When looking at the condition of the baby , his heart was really sad and really scary . How come , three -week -old son was diagnosed with a disease like that ?

On the day of the incident , see Ann Anderson did not stop crying . After trying a variety of ways , the boy never stop crying sound . In fact , crying is getting broken and rebellious .
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" After a few hours , I decided to take him to the hospital . Instinct as a mother I say something is wrong in itself , " says Ann .

Arriving at Musgrove Park Hospital , Taunton , Anderson directly handled by the medical team , and underwent a series of tests . " My heart is really broken, seeing the child connected with a lot of hose . When they told me my son meningitis , I feel sick , " said Ann added .

During this time Ann has never found a rash on her body . Thus , he could not believe when knowing the results read out by a doctor .

Once informed that there are other forms of the characteristics of a child affected by meningitis , and there were only 39 cases of this kind , then Ann believes .

" I was really surprised , especially when told my son could die if not rescued soon , " said Ann .

For rescuing Anderson , the medical team performed a series of additional checks . In order , to find out what causes it . Until in the end , the doctors discovered the source of meningitis suffered by Anderson , derived from the pet cats in the house .

" The doctor said the child was infected with a dangerous virus called Pasteurella multocida with , " said Ann .

Quoted by the Daily Mail , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) , this bacterium commonly lodged in pets such as cats and dogs . The bacteria are transferred to humans through bites , scratches , and saliva . Only rarely cause meningitis .

A spokesman from the Meningitis Research Foundation said , meningitis can be caused by organisms such as bacteria , viruses , or fungi that infect the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord .

Therefore , cases of meningitis due to infection of the cat assessed rare inherited .

Ann said that since the incident , he digelayuti guilt . Since that time, Ann more careful to juxtapose Anderson with their pets .

After two months in the hospital , Anderson declared cured and allowed to go home . Now , Anderson is growing into a boy cute , adorable , and also healthy .


Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP value Can Islamic Coalition Party Strikes

JAKARTA - The power of the Islamic party is perceived to be dangerous if the coalition . Because the coalition of Islamic parties could collect at least 31 percent of the vote .

" That's a significant number , " said Vice Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Emron Pangkapi organizations and leaders during a meeting to discuss a coalition of Islamic parties in Cikini , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
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According to him , just how a meeting held at the house of Hashim Ning 's employers Ratna
can be narrowed to the same ideas . " Then in turn make the history of the Republic of Indonesia, " he said .

He said , in 1999 , the PPP coalition initiated the central axis . If today , the Islamic party sat down together to revive the same thing , he said , is a positive thing .

"This is a good news for Indonesian Muslims , " he said .

Emron added , a coalition of Islamic parties still very realistic . He considered , now a revival of religion-based political parties in the world . In Indonesia , the Islamic party could also rise if supported by the entire community .

"I believe history will have a central axis , " he said .

About the presidential candidate who will be supported , he continued , now looking for a figure acceptable to all parties , have high electability , and can be mutually agreed .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Find Hundreds of divers Student Missing from Vessel Sink

Rescuers had to deal with the wind , big waves and the water murky , Thursday , in the search for hundreds of people , mostly school children , were missing after a ferry sank South Korea more than 24 hours ago .

Coast guard , navy troops and some private divers searching in the waters of the scene , about 20 kilometers from the country's southwestern coast . Earlier, rescuers banging the upturned hull of a ship with no hope of a reply from anyone caught up in it , but not heard any response .

The ship is carrying 475 passengers and crew were drowned on Wednesday en route from Incheon port to the resort island of Jeju . According to the South Korean government , nine people were found dead and 179 others were rescued , while 287 other passengers may still trapped inside the ship .

A victim 's parents Park Yung - suk told Reuters at the port Jindo rescue operations at the center , he saw the bodies of the teacher brought her daughter to the beach . " If only I could dive , I would go into the water and tried to find my son , " he said .

Children Yung - suk is one of 340 students and teachers from Secondary School Danwon in Ansan , Seoul suburbs , which are in the ship . A coast guard official said the ship's captain Lee Joon - seok ( 69 years ) face a criminal investigation , amid unconfirmed news that he was the person who first jumped to save themselves from the ill-fated ship .

The official did not elaborate , but according to local media , the captain of the ship is likely to face charges of negligence causing death and violations of the laws governing the crew actions .

Some survivors say that Lee was the first to be saved , but no one saw him leave the ship . Parties and coast guard ferry operator refused to comment on the matter .

Although the waters are relatively shallow at the scene , less than 50 meters , but it is still very dangerous for approximately 150 divers who must work as quickly as possible , said the expert . Time is running out to be able to save those who may still be trapped in the ship , they said.
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" Opportunities to find the victim there is not any, " said David Jardine - Smith , secretary of the International Maritime Rescue Federation , adding that his condition is very difficult . " There's a lot of water and mud flows which means visibility is very limited , " he said . The government says it will not give in to find survivors .

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Follow Citizen Participation Voting Re Descending

Participation of citizens to follow the re-voting ( PSU ) decreases . The decline in participation is found in the General Election Commission held a number of areas that re-voting . Previously , the Commission claims , voting turnout for the anniversary will remain high .

" What I see in Cianjur , West Java still declining . Example , one polling station ( polling place ) , formerly ( voting Wednesday, April 9 ) 170 's of people , yesterday (at PSU ) 140 's of people who participate," said Commissioner Hadar Nafis Gumay Commission in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Cianjur Regency held a vote again on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) yesterday . Hadar suspect , the decline was due to the participation of voting held on weekdays . Some areas , he said, is new to conducting PSU on the last day which encouraged the Commission , of 15 April last .

Previously , Commissioner Commission Rizkiyansyah Ferry Kurnia said to follow the PSU community participation is relatively high . He claims there is polling its PSU followed by 90 to 100 percent of registered voters in the voters list ( DPT ) .
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As reported , the Commission found that at least 770 polling stations in 107 districts / cities in 30 provinces to be held PSU because ballots confused on election day , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) ago . Some of them have held a vote again .


Shares of Coca-Cola and Johnson Save Wall Street

NEW YORK - Shares in the United States ( U.S. ) volatile , and closed higher , lifted by gains in blue-chip stocks like Coca - Cola and Johnson & Johnson . Shares of Coke and J & J , rose after recent outperformers fell , a sign that investors are starting to see growth stocks .

In recent weeks , big caps stocks have been under pressure , after the price valuations are not sustainable . The three major U.S. stock indices had dropped , although eventual rebound in afternoon trading .

The Nasdaq composite index moved in a range of 108.77 points and was at 3934.53 day's lows , this level has decreased 10 percent from last intraday peak .
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" The market is trying to stabilize , and investors looking for high -quality stocks that have earnings stability , " said the chief investment strategist at Key Private Bank in Cleveland , Bruce McCain , as reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJI ) rose 89.32 points, or 0.55 percent, to 16262.56 , the Standard & Poor's 500 Index ( SPX ) gained 12.37 points, or 0.68 percent, to 1842.98 , and the Nasdaq Composite Index ( IXIC ) climbed 11.47 points, or 0.29 percent, to 4034.16 .

Shares of Coca - Cola Co. ( KO.N ) jumped 3.7 percent to USD40 , 18, ​​as one of the biggest gainers in the S & P 500 , after the world's largest beverage maker reported quarterly earnings were better than expected , helped by strong sales in China .

While shares of Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ.N ) rose 2.1 percent to USD99 , 20 , after drugs and consumer products company posted earnings that beat expectations and raised the annual revenue projections .

Approximately 58 percent of the shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange closed higher for the day, while about 50 percent of Nasdaq-listed shares ended lower . A total of 7.62 billion shares traded on all U.S. platforms , according to data from BATS exchange , above the average of 6.87 billion .