Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hatta: Survey We Already Skip Jokowi-JK

Hatta: Survey We Already Skip Jokowi-JK

Vice president Hatta Rajasa said that elektabilitasnya with Prabowo had passed Jokowi-JK. He questioned the results of various surveys are put-mate Prabowo from Hatta Rajasa lagged-Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla.

"I also have a survey that says that we are already crossing, already passed (Jokowi-JK)," Hatta told reporters in Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (07/06/2014).

Former Coordinating Minister for the Economy, said the survey results have a margin of a variety of different elektabilitasnya associated with Jokowi-JK. Even so, he considered himself electability with Prabowo will continue to rise.
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"There is a saying in the survey, we (the margin) 2 percent, 3 percent, and 7 percent. But imagine, two months ago we were 20 percent. That means increasing support to us," said Hatta.

Together Prabowo, he was sure could beat Jokowi-JK in the presidential election. He said the election campaign time remaining approximately 30 days, a very long time.

"In politics, one day can change the world," he said.

New research by the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) said public support-vice presidential partner, Joko Widodo Jusuf Kala-reaching 35.42 percent, while the pair-Hatta Rajasa Prabowo 22.75 percent.

Meanwhile, a recent survey Soegeng Sarjadi School of Government (SSSG) shows, electability-pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla (42.65 percent) is still superior to the pair number 1, Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa (28.35 percent).


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tri Urges 4G LTE at 1.800MHz

Tri telecom operators hold a trial of 4G network technology Long Term Evolution ( LTE ) in Yogyakarta and Bali by making use of the frequency spectrum of 1.800MHz . The company hopes the four -generation mobile networks that can be applied at 1.800MHz spectrum .

Hutchinson 3 Indonesia , as the manager of Tri , said that this trial has received technical approval from the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment Post and Information Technology , Ministry of Communications and Information , dated 10 April 2014 .( Read: perusahaan aluminium di indonesia )

Indonesian President Hutchinson 3 , Manjot Mann said , the infrastructure and the technology it uses has been ready to hold 4G LTE . The company also declared its readiness to invest in the device .

Manjot added , Tri is currently waiting for the determination of the spectrum to be used for 4G LTE . " Now we are awaiting the government to determine the reallocation of spectrum to be used by Indonesia for LTE technology . Like many who have already applied the global market , Tri expect LTE to be applied at 1.800 Mhz spectrum , " said Manjot .

The Company considers relevant government regulations 4G LTE spectrum is a serious matter because in Kemenkominfo must act fairly to create a healthy competition among the players .

" Our hope is certainly capable of wise government in setting appropriate spectrum allocation quota share for all telecommunications providers , " added Manjot .

Currently Tri only has a 10MHz wide frequency allocation in the spectrum of 1.800MHz and 2.100MHz 10MHz spectrum . The company reportedly had asked for additional allocation at 1.800MHz to 10MHz frekunesi Kemenkominfo , but there has been no decision regarding the request.

1.800MHz frequency predicted would be ready to roll out 4G LTE . Other telecommunications companies that are licensed GSM , such as Telkomsel , XL Axiata and Indosat , also expressed readiness to roll out 4G LTE in the frequency .(Read: harga lampu emergency merk surya )

In 1.800MHz spectrum , Telkomsel currently has a frequency allocation of 22.5 MHz, 22.5 MHz XL Axiata also after completion of acquiring Axis , Indosat and 20MHz .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gold prices slumped World Back

After two months afloat , the gold price has now sunk back down . Gold futures in New York reached a 15-week lowest price because investors choose stocks .

The drop in the price of gold was removing price increases could be created at the beginning of the year , when tensions Russian and Ukrainian arguing .

Besides the price of gold rose while known to exist due to the economic slowdown in the U.S. winter .
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Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA predicts , metal prices will decline 28 percent in 2013 ago.

Currently the price of gold has dropped 9.1 percent after reaching the highest position in March this year .

" I do not see any reason for the rise in gold prices higher , " said James Shelton , chief investment officer of Kanaly Trust Co. in Houston .

He said the current investors prefer stocks . " Unless there will be a sudden inflation heats up , I would bet on lower gold prices , " he said .

Gold futures in New York yesterday, the price touched 1263.40 U.S. dollars per ounce , the lowest price since February 7 . The price of gold is down 2.3 percent since May.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Merger, Holcim EGM Held Next Week

The management of PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk ( SMCB ) will ask for approval of shareholders in the context of a merger with a subsidiary . General meeting of the Company will menghelat extraordinary shareholders ( EGM ) on June 2, 2014 .

This schedule is delayed from the original plan on May 6, 2014 . In the company's official announcement , Eamon Ginley re- explain , SMCB will be the surviving company of two subsidiaries . Both subsidiaries are PT Perkasa Polindo Star ( BPP ) and PT rides Transtama .

BPP is a company which manufactures semi-finished goods Holcim over the past five years . Operations carried out by employees of Holcim BPP . Meanwhile , business activities of WT has been discontinued since 2006 and no longer has a material property .
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The existence of BPP raises inter-company transactions such as operating costs and loan agreement . These transactions give rise Adiministrasi unnecessary burden and additional tax liabilities .

" Incorporation ( business ) is to reduce administrative costs that are not necessary , " said Eamon Ginley , President Director of Holcim Indonesia .

In addition, the merger is also done in order to simplify the organizational structure . No new shares will be issued following the SMCB already controls 100 percent of the shares of BPP and WT .

BPP and WT is no longer employees . So the number of employees Holcim will not increase . Currently , the number of employees reached 2,748 people SMCB . Management has no plan to conduct layoffs ( layoffs )

However , Holcim management also must get approval from creditors and got permission from the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) is related to the merger .


Friday, May 23, 2014

KPK investigators Bring Back A document from the Ministry of Religious Buildings

After the Friday prayers praying , Tim investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to bring back a number of documents from the 2nd floor of the main building of Religious Affairs ( MORA ) , a field in Central Jakarta . A number of documents were taken KPK investigators a second time .

The investigators out of the elevator and headed straight for the car . The document is placed in a suitcase and two boxes box .

KPK investigator teams start a search from the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Thursday ( 22/5 ) at 18:00 pm . The search of balls completed on Friday ( 23/5 ) at 14:10 pm . They searched the room Suryadharma Ali and Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs , Nur Syam .
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In addition , KPK investigators also searched the room DG Hajj , Anggito Abhimanyu and general bureau space . Furthermore , investigators also searched the offices of the Directorate of Hajj and Umrah services behind the main building MORA .

Commission set Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali Hajj as a suspect misuse of funds 2012-2013 . He allegedly committed an unlawful act and or abuse of authority related to the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012- 2013.Akibat such actions , the state allegedly suffered a loss by a certain amount .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This afternoon, Mahfud Leads Winning Team Meeting Prabowo-Hatta Airport

Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon said the winning team - mate of the presidential candidate running mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa will discuss winning strategies nationally .
The meeting , said Fadli , will be chaired by former Constitutional Court chief Mahfud MD .

" This afternoon the plan Mahfud MD will be the first meeting , " said Fadli Zon in DPP Gerindra , Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Besides Mahfud , Fadli said former DPP Chairman Fuad Bawazier Hanura will also join the winning team meetings .
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The meeting will be conducted at the Polonia , where Prabowo announces Hatta as vice president . Historic site is now used as the headquarters of the winning team mate .

The plan , Mahfud will give an explanation of political attitudes related to the offer to be a successful team leader Prabowo - Hatta Airport at 16:00 pm on MMD Initiative Office in Jakarta .

Mahfud and dangdut Rhoma Irama before becoming a candidate would PKB .
Rhoma already expressed support repeal of PKB and support Prabowo - Hatta after CLA supports partner - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

700 Smuggling Foiled Bags Used Clothing

Riau Islands Customs officials foil smuggling of used clothing and rice with three transportation means , respectively KM Jaya Baru , KM Milky Success , and a ship without a name .

Head of Facilities for Enforcement and Regional Operations Directorate General Customs Office of Special Riau Islands ( Riau ) Agus Wahono , BC Regional Office in Riau Islands , Meral , Karimun district , said Tuesday that KM and KM Jaya New Bima arrested Successful succession in island waters on Tuesday Sekikir ( 20/5 ) morning .
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Meanwhile , without the name of the ship carrying 700 sacks of used clothing worth USD 300 million from Singapore Tembilahan objectives by BC - 9002 patrol vessel with a patrol commander ( kopat ) Rukan Pamujo in the waters of the South Island on Saturday ( 10/5 ) .

According to Agus Wahono , KM Jaya Baru carrying 50 tons of rice patrol boats arrested BC - 1607 with kopat Sofyat , while the Milky KM Success is also carrying 50 tons of rice and 15 cartons of cigarettes were arrested BC - 15040 patrol boat with kopat Agus .

" The two ships together from Kitchen 12 , Batam captured while sailing towards Tembilahan , Inhil , Riau . Both cargo vessel value of about Rp 800 million , " he said .