Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Angry Birds Abandoned Players , Corporate Loss 50 %

Creator of the popular game Angry Birds , Rovio , released its annual financial statements and a loss of up to 50 percent . Rovio loss that dropped half of this , because gamers are no longer interested in playing Angry Birds ?

Citing reports PhoneArena , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) Rovio reveal the financial statements that are actually not an increase or decrease in income . Total revenues in the company at the end of 2013 looks stagnant income at the end of 2012 ago . However, earnings from the game Angry Bird plunge by half .
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In addition , the stock market Angry Birds also decreased 2 percent from year to year . In its report Rovio was reluctant to reveal how many Angry Birds game players per month . This is different from last year where the number of mentions confident Rovio Angry Birds gamers . Allegedly , the players begin the game Angry Birds berkaburan .

That makes the game Angry Birds financial income is stagnant because Rovio has spent quite a lot of money to produce a new series games like Angry Birds Go ! And with Epic Angry Birds game play is different from before .

Based on the analysis of observers , reduced profits due Angry Birds pattern applied to the payment of a game that is different from the previous . Additionally , Angry Birds also assessed overshadowed by new games like Flappy Bird , Temple Run , Subway Surf , Cut The Rope , and other popular games .


Office Will Call the dispatcher Tati Company

A migrant worker from the village of pythons , District Gantar , Indramayu , Tati Durakman , suffered paralysis after tortured by her employer in Saudi Arabia . However , Indramayu regency did not know it .

" I do not know , " said the Head of Social Affairs , Manpower and Transmigration Indramayu , Daddy Haryadi , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Daddy said that the company will immediately call dispatch Tati abroad . In fact , he would stop sending migrant workers from Indramayu by the company during the problem solving process .

"If there is no good faith of the company , we will report to BNP2TKI , " said Daddy .

As is known , Tati Durakman suffered paralysis in both legs . While in his lower back , or around the coccyx, there is a gaping wound ulcers .

Tati who was critically injured by his employer eventually rushed to hospital Alqobar Talimi in Dammam City , Saudi Arabia . At the hospital , she was treated for one year . However , because it never healed , he was finally discharged by his employer to Indonesia in January 2014 ago .

" My wife was abused by both her ​​employer because of salary demands . He also refused to do nasty invited by her male employer while her employers were away , " said Tati husband , Carla .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Before Killed, Students STIP Had Contact Families

Before death , student School of Sailing ( STIP ) Marunda Dimas dikita Handoko ( 19 ) had called his parents in Medan , North Sumatra . How shocked the family , a few hours after communicating , they got word Dimas died .

" Pas Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) at 8 pm I had teleponan with Dimas . Reportedly He said good and glad I 've arrived in Jakarta , " said Rukita Hanayanti ( 43 ) , mother Dimas , when met at the Police Hospital Kramat teak , Saturday ( 26/4 ) afternoon .
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Rukita said , during school in STIP Marunda , Dimas live with Raidah ( 26 ) , his relative , who was also a foster mother Dimas .

During this time , stay in the Road Raidah Warakas III Warakas Village , Subdistrict of Tanjung Priok , North Jakarta . While he was with her husband , Budi Handoko ( 51 ) as well as two other children settled in Belawan , Medan , North Sumatra .

Raidah said the purpose of his visit to Jakarta he was about to meet Dimas at once see his campus . Therefore , during the 1.5 years of schooling in the STIP , he never met directly with Dimas .

"So I was shocked when I heard Dimas died , " said Rukita .

Dimas allegedly killed by persecuted by the seniors on Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) night . Suspicions arise because family since he admitted last couple often suffered violence from the seniors .


Friday, April 25, 2014

High ambitions in Business Huawei Mobile

Huawei ambition pursue the global smartphone market is not messing around . Companies from China is seriously increase its brand awareness to scoop up a larger portion .

Streaking in the third position after ranking Samsung and Apple in the global smartphone market , Huawei is not made ​​quickly complacent . They are actually more motivated to strengthen this line of business .
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" What we need is to build a brand and credibility . Due to Huawei's smartphone business is still arguably an early stage , " said Shao Yang , Vice President of Consumer Business Group at Huawei Huawei one session event Global Analyst Summit 2014 in Shenzhen , China .

He said Huawei will increase brand awareness with a number of ways that directly target consumers . Strategies such as through retail , online selling and co -operation with operators .

" There are different ways to build a brand . We will adopt a new way to market , but only for Huawei , " he explained .

Added the man who has 15 years of working in Huawei , the promotion is applied , among others including advertising activities , as well as sponsoring sporting events and music .

Huawei smartphone business indeed passable sleek. In the three years since its foray into this market , a business unit contribution smartphone Huawei continues to show impressive growth . In 2013, the contribution to reach 23 % of Huawei's total revenue . The contribution rate rose from 22 % in 2012 .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So Candidates DPD, youngest daughter ATUT Excellence in Tangerang City

Aprilia Andiara Wisdom , the daughter of the Governor of Banten Atut Chosiyah , winning the vote in the 2014 legislative elections in the city of Tangerang , Banten .

Andiara who is a candidate member of the Regional Representatives Council ( DPD ) scooped voice sound as much as 126 508 .

" From the results of the election plenary recapitulation , Andiara Aprilia Wisdom excels in almost all districts in the city of Tangerang , " said Chairman of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) Sanusi Pane Tangerang City in Tangerang , on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Sanusi added that apart from corruption cases involving ATUT , Tangerang people still give the most votes for the ATUT youngest daughter . It is a public right of Tangerang .

Andiara excel in the vote in the 13 districts of Tangerang City . Total voters in the city bordering Jakarta reached 837,266 people . As for the number of valid ballots reached 669,118 pieces .
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Certainty Andiara elected or not as a member of the DPD will still be waiting for the recapitulation in the electoral districts ( constituencies ) other Banten . Banten Election Commission will organize a new meeting recapitulation at 24 to 5 April 2014.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indonesian harmony in the Vatican

VATICAN CITY , 44 hectares of the country , became a magnet citizens of the world . Every day around 25,000 tourists visit the city-state . One of the favorite locations are the Vatican Museum . Since February 13 until the end of September 2014 , Indonesia held an exhibition at the museum .

Mid- February, around 17:00 Vatican time , about 300 people gathered in the Vatican Museum of Ethnology . They are not only the people of Indonesia , but also the Indonesianists who wish to witness the opening of the exhibition at the museum of Indonesian culture .

Coming President of the Vatican City Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello accompanied by Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar , Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Budiarman Bahar , and Director of the Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci . President of the Vatican City was hit the gong marks the exhibition opened .

When the dance was staged Ask this Srivijaya and Shiva Kandela of South Sumatra . The second dance was shown Artina Production depict cultural harmony , glory , and majesty of the Kingdom of Srivijaya .

COMPASS / Jannes Eudes WAWA Thousands from several countries gathered in St. Peter's Square , Vatican , following the general audience Pope Francis .
For Cardinal Bertello , Indonesia is a unique country : has thousands of tribes with traditions of diverse cultures and languages ​​. Vatican , according to him , continues to encourage intercultural dialogue in the world . In fact , the Vatican argued , interfaith dialogue will not succeed without the cultural dialogue . That is why , the Vatican allow Indonesian culture held at the Museum of Ethnology cast until the end of 2014 .

The exhibition area of ​​400 square meters is located exactly in the area leading from the museum . Installed at the entrance of a Balinese umbrella decorations include the words " Indonesia , Land of Harmony " .

" I have not been to Indonesia , but from friends, and literature , I got a lot of information about Indonesia . We give respect and respect high above the harmony in the diversity of Indonesian society . Not easy to manage society with enormous diversity . However , Indonesian prove it . This is a good example for the people of the world , "said Giuseppe Bertello .

replica of Borobudur

In this exhibition featured 191 kinds of Indonesian artifacts . It was classified into three types , namely works of art , natural beauty , and culture . For example , a replica of the Borobudur Temple which was printed in 1970, on the mall are made and brought two Dutch citizens to the Vatican in 1920 . There is also a wood carving work of sculptor Asmat in Papua as well as photographs and paintings on traditional house Batak Toba traditional house Minang , Tanah Toraja , photos and cremation traditions Galungan in Bali , the tradition of weaving , batik in Java , Lake Toba , Eid traditions , and others .

" Artifacts ethnology is not only important as a historical art objects , but also has become a symbol of harmony plurality of Indonesian society . Mutual respect and a growing respect for the people of Indonesia is the most important part of the promotion of peace , "said the curator of the Museum of Ethnology Vatican Nicola Mapelli .

COMPASS / WAWA Thousands of Jannes Eudes of a number of countries are in St. Peter's Square , Vatican . They wanted to visit the Vatican .
The Vatican Museum is one of the oldest and finest museums in the world . Built since the early 16th century by Pope Julius II , the museum is a collection of dozens of museums that store a variety of art and historical objects since ancient Roman times . Museums include Philatelic and Numismatic Museum , Museum of Christian , Ethnology Museum , Gallery Map Gallery, Calendar , and the Sistine Chapel which became the new pope election .

Until now, only six states had the opportunity to hold an exhibition at the Vatican Museum . One is Indonesian . " We are really fortunate to be given the opportunity to hold the exhibition in the best museums in the world with thousands of visitors per day . Through this exhibition , visitors began to recognize Indonesia , and growing perception , as well as their interest in visiting Indonesia , "said Nirwandar .


An exhibition of Indonesian initiative in the Vatican Museum arise in 2012 . Currently the Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Suprapto see the number of tourists who visit the Vatican Museums average of 25,000 people per day . They come from a number of countries around the world . It is rated as the capital for the promotion of Indonesia .

The options are to approach the manager of the Vatican Museums . The approach was welcomed . In fact , submitted that the Vatican Museum store 1,135 kinds of Indonesian artifacts . The artifacts were taken from the European Catholic missionaries who had served in Indonesia when returning to their home country . Includes gift ever received by the pope and Vatican officials of the Government of Indonesia .

The oldest collection donated Bishop Eugene Tisserant ( 1884-1972 ) . It was in the form of 40 bronze statues representing the Hindu and Buddhist deities in the 8th century and the 14th . There is also a puppet and screen as well as a mini Koran from the 19th century . In fact , there is still a wealth represents a diverse collection of relics of the Hindu , Buddhist , Christian , and Islamic , including a number of tribes in Indonesia .

COMPASS / Jannes WAWA Eudes St. Peter's Square , Vatican .
Business then the Vatican Museum offers artifacts were exhibited and approved for Indonesia. Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy then finance the restoration process involving nine professionals in Rome . They are tasked to record and fix these artifacts . By the end of January 2014 , 191 new artifacts completed restored and exhibited . The rest will follow .
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Chairman of the Indonesian Artifacts Restoration Stevania Pandozy stated amazed with Indonesian artifacts . The goods were described Indonesia as a country that is rich , diverse, but harmonious . " That's why we work with passionate and proud , for contributing to the preservation of Indonesian culture . Let these objects help promote Indonesia , "said Pandozy .


Because cats are contracting meningitis Boy 3 Years

When I was three weeks old , Sparkle Anderson ( 3 ) was diagnosed by doctors at risk of meningitis and died . This disease affects the poor kid because pet cats in the house of the mother , often breaking into the boy and licking his bottle .

Ann Dodd ( 21 ) tells . When looking at the condition of the baby , his heart was really sad and really scary . How come , three -week -old son was diagnosed with a disease like that ?

On the day of the incident , see Ann Anderson did not stop crying . After trying a variety of ways , the boy never stop crying sound . In fact , crying is getting broken and rebellious .
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" After a few hours , I decided to take him to the hospital . Instinct as a mother I say something is wrong in itself , " says Ann .

Arriving at Musgrove Park Hospital , Taunton , Anderson directly handled by the medical team , and underwent a series of tests . " My heart is really broken, seeing the child connected with a lot of hose . When they told me my son meningitis , I feel sick , " said Ann added .

During this time Ann has never found a rash on her body . Thus , he could not believe when knowing the results read out by a doctor .

Once informed that there are other forms of the characteristics of a child affected by meningitis , and there were only 39 cases of this kind , then Ann believes .

" I was really surprised , especially when told my son could die if not rescued soon , " said Ann .

For rescuing Anderson , the medical team performed a series of additional checks . In order , to find out what causes it . Until in the end , the doctors discovered the source of meningitis suffered by Anderson , derived from the pet cats in the house .

" The doctor said the child was infected with a dangerous virus called Pasteurella multocida with , " said Ann .

Quoted by the Daily Mail , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) , this bacterium commonly lodged in pets such as cats and dogs . The bacteria are transferred to humans through bites , scratches , and saliva . Only rarely cause meningitis .

A spokesman from the Meningitis Research Foundation said , meningitis can be caused by organisms such as bacteria , viruses , or fungi that infect the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord .

Therefore , cases of meningitis due to infection of the cat assessed rare inherited .

Ann said that since the incident , he digelayuti guilt . Since that time, Ann more careful to juxtapose Anderson with their pets .

After two months in the hospital , Anderson declared cured and allowed to go home . Now , Anderson is growing into a boy cute , adorable , and also healthy .


Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP value Can Islamic Coalition Party Strikes

JAKARTA - The power of the Islamic party is perceived to be dangerous if the coalition . Because the coalition of Islamic parties could collect at least 31 percent of the vote .

" That's a significant number , " said Vice Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Emron Pangkapi organizations and leaders during a meeting to discuss a coalition of Islamic parties in Cikini , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
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According to him , just how a meeting held at the house of Hashim Ning 's employers Ratna
can be narrowed to the same ideas . " Then in turn make the history of the Republic of Indonesia, " he said .

He said , in 1999 , the PPP coalition initiated the central axis . If today , the Islamic party sat down together to revive the same thing , he said , is a positive thing .

"This is a good news for Indonesian Muslims , " he said .

Emron added , a coalition of Islamic parties still very realistic . He considered , now a revival of religion-based political parties in the world . In Indonesia , the Islamic party could also rise if supported by the entire community .

"I believe history will have a central axis , " he said .

About the presidential candidate who will be supported , he continued , now looking for a figure acceptable to all parties , have high electability , and can be mutually agreed .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Find Hundreds of divers Student Missing from Vessel Sink

Rescuers had to deal with the wind , big waves and the water murky , Thursday , in the search for hundreds of people , mostly school children , were missing after a ferry sank South Korea more than 24 hours ago .

Coast guard , navy troops and some private divers searching in the waters of the scene , about 20 kilometers from the country's southwestern coast . Earlier, rescuers banging the upturned hull of a ship with no hope of a reply from anyone caught up in it , but not heard any response .

The ship is carrying 475 passengers and crew were drowned on Wednesday en route from Incheon port to the resort island of Jeju . According to the South Korean government , nine people were found dead and 179 others were rescued , while 287 other passengers may still trapped inside the ship .

A victim 's parents Park Yung - suk told Reuters at the port Jindo rescue operations at the center , he saw the bodies of the teacher brought her daughter to the beach . " If only I could dive , I would go into the water and tried to find my son , " he said .

Children Yung - suk is one of 340 students and teachers from Secondary School Danwon in Ansan , Seoul suburbs , which are in the ship . A coast guard official said the ship's captain Lee Joon - seok ( 69 years ) face a criminal investigation , amid unconfirmed news that he was the person who first jumped to save themselves from the ill-fated ship .

The official did not elaborate , but according to local media , the captain of the ship is likely to face charges of negligence causing death and violations of the laws governing the crew actions .

Some survivors say that Lee was the first to be saved , but no one saw him leave the ship . Parties and coast guard ferry operator refused to comment on the matter .

Although the waters are relatively shallow at the scene , less than 50 meters , but it is still very dangerous for approximately 150 divers who must work as quickly as possible , said the expert . Time is running out to be able to save those who may still be trapped in the ship , they said.
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" Opportunities to find the victim there is not any, " said David Jardine - Smith , secretary of the International Maritime Rescue Federation , adding that his condition is very difficult . " There's a lot of water and mud flows which means visibility is very limited , " he said . The government says it will not give in to find survivors .

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Follow Citizen Participation Voting Re Descending

Participation of citizens to follow the re-voting ( PSU ) decreases . The decline in participation is found in the General Election Commission held a number of areas that re-voting . Previously , the Commission claims , voting turnout for the anniversary will remain high .

" What I see in Cianjur , West Java still declining . Example , one polling station ( polling place ) , formerly ( voting Wednesday, April 9 ) 170 's of people , yesterday (at PSU ) 140 's of people who participate," said Commissioner Hadar Nafis Gumay Commission in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Cianjur Regency held a vote again on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) yesterday . Hadar suspect , the decline was due to the participation of voting held on weekdays . Some areas , he said, is new to conducting PSU on the last day which encouraged the Commission , of 15 April last .

Previously , Commissioner Commission Rizkiyansyah Ferry Kurnia said to follow the PSU community participation is relatively high . He claims there is polling its PSU followed by 90 to 100 percent of registered voters in the voters list ( DPT ) .
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As reported , the Commission found that at least 770 polling stations in 107 districts / cities in 30 provinces to be held PSU because ballots confused on election day , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) ago . Some of them have held a vote again .


Shares of Coca-Cola and Johnson Save Wall Street

NEW YORK - Shares in the United States ( U.S. ) volatile , and closed higher , lifted by gains in blue-chip stocks like Coca - Cola and Johnson & Johnson . Shares of Coke and J & J , rose after recent outperformers fell , a sign that investors are starting to see growth stocks .

In recent weeks , big caps stocks have been under pressure , after the price valuations are not sustainable . The three major U.S. stock indices had dropped , although eventual rebound in afternoon trading .

The Nasdaq composite index moved in a range of 108.77 points and was at 3934.53 day's lows , this level has decreased 10 percent from last intraday peak .
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" The market is trying to stabilize , and investors looking for high -quality stocks that have earnings stability , " said the chief investment strategist at Key Private Bank in Cleveland , Bruce McCain , as reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJI ) rose 89.32 points, or 0.55 percent, to 16262.56 , the Standard & Poor's 500 Index ( SPX ) gained 12.37 points, or 0.68 percent, to 1842.98 , and the Nasdaq Composite Index ( IXIC ) climbed 11.47 points, or 0.29 percent, to 4034.16 .

Shares of Coca - Cola Co. ( KO.N ) jumped 3.7 percent to USD40 , 18, ​​as one of the biggest gainers in the S & P 500 , after the world's largest beverage maker reported quarterly earnings were better than expected , helped by strong sales in China .

While shares of Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ.N ) rose 2.1 percent to USD99 , 20 , after drugs and consumer products company posted earnings that beat expectations and raised the annual revenue projections .

Approximately 58 percent of the shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange closed higher for the day, while about 50 percent of Nasdaq-listed shares ended lower . A total of 7.62 billion shares traded on all U.S. platforms , according to data from BATS exchange , above the average of 6.87 billion .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Half the participants in the UN's Already Received School Lecture

JAKARTA - Fun yes , at a time when millions of high school students / equivalent struggling to conquer difficult questions of national examinations ( UN ) , the majority of students at SMAN 1 Mataram can be slightly relaxed . Because they already have a ticket to get into college .

According to the Head of SMAN 1 Fatwir Mataram Then , 50 percent of class XII students in these schools have been accepted in a variety of private colleges . However, Fatwir sure , they are still working on the UN seriously .

" Because, basically, they are still racing to be able to compete with their friends as archipelago in the National Selection State University ( SNMPTN ) , " said Fatwir , as quoted from page Kemendikbud , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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SMAN 1 Mataram itself is well known for his achievements in the UN . Every year , they graduated students winning high value of the UN , both regionally and nationally .

In fact , last year , winning eight of 11 high value of the UN in West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) derived from SMAN 1 . Not only that , the graduation of students of SMAN 1 Mataram to public universities ( PTN ) is also quite large .

" Last year , 75 percent graduated from SMAN 1 Mataram get into state universities.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dead Elephants Killed in West Aceh, Head and Ivory Missing

The team of West Aceh Criminal Police unit with BKSDA Aceh and NGO Center for Orangutan Protection ( COP ) found a dead elephant that died allegedly exposed mined .

Elephants are thought to have been dead since about two weeks ago was found in the Forest Village Teupin Arrow , District Kawai XVI , West Aceh .

Thus the explanation given Invisible Criminal AKP Elri Purnama West Aceh , on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

" Conditions are already rotting elephant , ivory and lost his head , allegedly was deliberately hunted , because a distance of 50 meters from the carcass of an elephant we found a snare trap elephants , " said Elri .

According Elri , elephants murder case will continue to be explored until the culprit is caught. Earlier, the head of the village and residents have been questioned, but it was not suspected elephant poachers local residents .

" The results in the identification of the location and number of items of evidence such as a wood , rope trap we have secured for further investigation , " said Elri .

After the identification , the police are also conducting searches around the site to search for suspected persangkap still attached around the forest .
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Police with BKSDA two weeks ago had already been entered into this location , but did not find a dead elephant . Until this news was revealed , which is already rotting elephant carcass was still left lying around .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Close to PSK, Ratu Hemas Win in Sarkem

Factors proximity to voters , are factors that voice revenue potential of the original members of the Regional Representative Council DIY , Kanjeng Wrestling Queen Hemas . in Election 2014.

Malioboro area ( Sarkem ) Yogyakarta, precisely in place Ballot Number 5 , the District Sosromenduran , Sub Gedong Tengen , the wife of the King of Yogyakarta Palace wins a landslide victory .

The woman was nominated a third time as a member of the DPD , earned 136 votes , leaving far rival , the wife of the Minister of Youth and Sports Roy Suryo , alias Ismarindayani Ririen Ario , who only got 26 votes . Or the People's Consultative Assembly Sidarto Danusubroto , who earned 20 votes .
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The victory was already predicted many. Citizens are also task groups Sarkem Ballot Coordinator TPS 5 , Sardjono , predicts Bu Queen , references Hemas in society , will lead voice revenue . " He was from a formerly close of residents Sarkem , never looked at any profession , " he said on Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

Hemas is often referred to as the on sarkem of residents , particularly the Commercial Sex Workers who frequently operate there. " He always gave good advice here so people do not continue to survive with his profession ( as PSK ) , but in other ways, " he said.

Hemas approach to citizen action Sarkem , said Sardjono , not reckless when campaigns. " Even yesterday seemed not pass campaign here , " he said.

Hemas proximity with the occupants Sarkem in quotes Sardjono other candidates do not . "If the only other close passes campaign , but not the Queen Mom , " he said.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CIMB Niaga Add "Merchant" Receiver Mobile Account

PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk continues to increase the number of merchants that can serve transactions using Mobile Account . These services make it easy for customers to do shopping without using cash , ATM cards and even credit cards .

Director of Consumer Banking of CIMB Niaga until April Samir Gupta said there are about 800 stores ( outlets ) merchant network , and the amount will be added up to about 1,300 outlets in the month of May 2014 .

" Mobile Account prepared by two ways of payment . , Which depends on the system in each merchant's cash register , which can accept one or both of the means of payment , " Samir said in an official statement in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

According to Samir , who transact innovation has become a safe and practical needs of the community . What's more , with a composition of about 50 percent of the population of young people , demanding increasingly sophisticated banking services .
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Efforts are made CIMB Niaga , continued Samir , is expected to contribute to an increase in the number of phone users account . Since its launch in March 2013 until the end of December 2013 , Mobile user accounts grow an average of 68 percent per month and is now processing 1.5 million transactions per month