Saturday, April 19, 2014

Because cats are contracting meningitis Boy 3 Years

When I was three weeks old , Sparkle Anderson ( 3 ) was diagnosed by doctors at risk of meningitis and died . This disease affects the poor kid because pet cats in the house of the mother , often breaking into the boy and licking his bottle .

Ann Dodd ( 21 ) tells . When looking at the condition of the baby , his heart was really sad and really scary . How come , three -week -old son was diagnosed with a disease like that ?

On the day of the incident , see Ann Anderson did not stop crying . After trying a variety of ways , the boy never stop crying sound . In fact , crying is getting broken and rebellious .
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" After a few hours , I decided to take him to the hospital . Instinct as a mother I say something is wrong in itself , " says Ann .

Arriving at Musgrove Park Hospital , Taunton , Anderson directly handled by the medical team , and underwent a series of tests . " My heart is really broken, seeing the child connected with a lot of hose . When they told me my son meningitis , I feel sick , " said Ann added .

During this time Ann has never found a rash on her body . Thus , he could not believe when knowing the results read out by a doctor .

Once informed that there are other forms of the characteristics of a child affected by meningitis , and there were only 39 cases of this kind , then Ann believes .

" I was really surprised , especially when told my son could die if not rescued soon , " said Ann .

For rescuing Anderson , the medical team performed a series of additional checks . In order , to find out what causes it . Until in the end , the doctors discovered the source of meningitis suffered by Anderson , derived from the pet cats in the house .

" The doctor said the child was infected with a dangerous virus called Pasteurella multocida with , " said Ann .

Quoted by the Daily Mail , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) , this bacterium commonly lodged in pets such as cats and dogs . The bacteria are transferred to humans through bites , scratches , and saliva . Only rarely cause meningitis .

A spokesman from the Meningitis Research Foundation said , meningitis can be caused by organisms such as bacteria , viruses , or fungi that infect the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord .

Therefore , cases of meningitis due to infection of the cat assessed rare inherited .

Ann said that since the incident , he digelayuti guilt . Since that time, Ann more careful to juxtapose Anderson with their pets .

After two months in the hospital , Anderson declared cured and allowed to go home . Now , Anderson is growing into a boy cute , adorable , and also healthy .


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