Monday, April 14, 2014

Half the participants in the UN's Already Received School Lecture

JAKARTA - Fun yes , at a time when millions of high school students / equivalent struggling to conquer difficult questions of national examinations ( UN ) , the majority of students at SMAN 1 Mataram can be slightly relaxed . Because they already have a ticket to get into college .

According to the Head of SMAN 1 Fatwir Mataram Then , 50 percent of class XII students in these schools have been accepted in a variety of private colleges . However, Fatwir sure , they are still working on the UN seriously .

" Because, basically, they are still racing to be able to compete with their friends as archipelago in the National Selection State University ( SNMPTN ) , " said Fatwir , as quoted from page Kemendikbud , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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SMAN 1 Mataram itself is well known for his achievements in the UN . Every year , they graduated students winning high value of the UN , both regionally and nationally .

In fact , last year , winning eight of 11 high value of the UN in West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) derived from SMAN 1 . Not only that , the graduation of students of SMAN 1 Mataram to public universities ( PTN ) is also quite large .

" Last year , 75 percent graduated from SMAN 1 Mataram get into state universities.


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