Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Angry Birds Abandoned Players , Corporate Loss 50 %

Creator of the popular game Angry Birds , Rovio , released its annual financial statements and a loss of up to 50 percent . Rovio loss that dropped half of this , because gamers are no longer interested in playing Angry Birds ?

Citing reports PhoneArena , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) Rovio reveal the financial statements that are actually not an increase or decrease in income . Total revenues in the company at the end of 2013 looks stagnant income at the end of 2012 ago . However, earnings from the game Angry Bird plunge by half .
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In addition , the stock market Angry Birds also decreased 2 percent from year to year . In its report Rovio was reluctant to reveal how many Angry Birds game players per month . This is different from last year where the number of mentions confident Rovio Angry Birds gamers . Allegedly , the players begin the game Angry Birds berkaburan .

That makes the game Angry Birds financial income is stagnant because Rovio has spent quite a lot of money to produce a new series games like Angry Birds Go ! And with Epic Angry Birds game play is different from before .

Based on the analysis of observers , reduced profits due Angry Birds pattern applied to the payment of a game that is different from the previous . Additionally , Angry Birds also assessed overshadowed by new games like Flappy Bird , Temple Run , Subway Surf , Cut The Rope , and other popular games .


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