Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Office Will Call the dispatcher Tati Company

A migrant worker from the village of pythons , District Gantar , Indramayu , Tati Durakman , suffered paralysis after tortured by her employer in Saudi Arabia . However , Indramayu regency did not know it .

" I do not know , " said the Head of Social Affairs , Manpower and Transmigration Indramayu , Daddy Haryadi , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Daddy said that the company will immediately call dispatch Tati abroad . In fact , he would stop sending migrant workers from Indramayu by the company during the problem solving process .

"If there is no good faith of the company , we will report to BNP2TKI , " said Daddy .

As is known , Tati Durakman suffered paralysis in both legs . While in his lower back , or around the coccyx, there is a gaping wound ulcers .

Tati who was critically injured by his employer eventually rushed to hospital Alqobar Talimi in Dammam City , Saudi Arabia . At the hospital , she was treated for one year . However , because it never healed , he was finally discharged by his employer to Indonesia in January 2014 ago .

" My wife was abused by both her ​​employer because of salary demands . He also refused to do nasty invited by her male employer while her employers were away , " said Tati husband , Carla .


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