Friday, April 25, 2014

High ambitions in Business Huawei Mobile

Huawei ambition pursue the global smartphone market is not messing around . Companies from China is seriously increase its brand awareness to scoop up a larger portion .

Streaking in the third position after ranking Samsung and Apple in the global smartphone market , Huawei is not made ​​quickly complacent . They are actually more motivated to strengthen this line of business .
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" What we need is to build a brand and credibility . Due to Huawei's smartphone business is still arguably an early stage , " said Shao Yang , Vice President of Consumer Business Group at Huawei Huawei one session event Global Analyst Summit 2014 in Shenzhen , China .

He said Huawei will increase brand awareness with a number of ways that directly target consumers . Strategies such as through retail , online selling and co -operation with operators .

" There are different ways to build a brand . We will adopt a new way to market , but only for Huawei , " he explained .

Added the man who has 15 years of working in Huawei , the promotion is applied , among others including advertising activities , as well as sponsoring sporting events and music .

Huawei smartphone business indeed passable sleek. In the three years since its foray into this market , a business unit contribution smartphone Huawei continues to show impressive growth . In 2013, the contribution to reach 23 % of Huawei's total revenue . The contribution rate rose from 22 % in 2012 .

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