Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dead Elephants Killed in West Aceh, Head and Ivory Missing

The team of West Aceh Criminal Police unit with BKSDA Aceh and NGO Center for Orangutan Protection ( COP ) found a dead elephant that died allegedly exposed mined .

Elephants are thought to have been dead since about two weeks ago was found in the Forest Village Teupin Arrow , District Kawai XVI , West Aceh .

Thus the explanation given Invisible Criminal AKP Elri Purnama West Aceh , on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

" Conditions are already rotting elephant , ivory and lost his head , allegedly was deliberately hunted , because a distance of 50 meters from the carcass of an elephant we found a snare trap elephants , " said Elri .

According Elri , elephants murder case will continue to be explored until the culprit is caught. Earlier, the head of the village and residents have been questioned, but it was not suspected elephant poachers local residents .

" The results in the identification of the location and number of items of evidence such as a wood , rope trap we have secured for further investigation , " said Elri .

After the identification , the police are also conducting searches around the site to search for suspected persangkap still attached around the forest .
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Police with BKSDA two weeks ago had already been entered into this location , but did not find a dead elephant . Until this news was revealed , which is already rotting elephant carcass was still left lying around .


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