Thursday, April 17, 2014

Find Hundreds of divers Student Missing from Vessel Sink

Rescuers had to deal with the wind , big waves and the water murky , Thursday , in the search for hundreds of people , mostly school children , were missing after a ferry sank South Korea more than 24 hours ago .

Coast guard , navy troops and some private divers searching in the waters of the scene , about 20 kilometers from the country's southwestern coast . Earlier, rescuers banging the upturned hull of a ship with no hope of a reply from anyone caught up in it , but not heard any response .

The ship is carrying 475 passengers and crew were drowned on Wednesday en route from Incheon port to the resort island of Jeju . According to the South Korean government , nine people were found dead and 179 others were rescued , while 287 other passengers may still trapped inside the ship .

A victim 's parents Park Yung - suk told Reuters at the port Jindo rescue operations at the center , he saw the bodies of the teacher brought her daughter to the beach . " If only I could dive , I would go into the water and tried to find my son , " he said .

Children Yung - suk is one of 340 students and teachers from Secondary School Danwon in Ansan , Seoul suburbs , which are in the ship . A coast guard official said the ship's captain Lee Joon - seok ( 69 years ) face a criminal investigation , amid unconfirmed news that he was the person who first jumped to save themselves from the ill-fated ship .

The official did not elaborate , but according to local media , the captain of the ship is likely to face charges of negligence causing death and violations of the laws governing the crew actions .

Some survivors say that Lee was the first to be saved , but no one saw him leave the ship . Parties and coast guard ferry operator refused to comment on the matter .

Although the waters are relatively shallow at the scene , less than 50 meters , but it is still very dangerous for approximately 150 divers who must work as quickly as possible , said the expert . Time is running out to be able to save those who may still be trapped in the ship , they said.
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" Opportunities to find the victim there is not any, " said David Jardine - Smith , secretary of the International Maritime Rescue Federation , adding that his condition is very difficult . " There's a lot of water and mud flows which means visibility is very limited , " he said . The government says it will not give in to find survivors .

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