Monday, March 31, 2014

Robot Artificial Indonesian Children Make U.S. Deputy Ambassador Gobsmacked

Deputy U.S. Ambassador in Indonesia , Christian Bauer claimed was struck by the robots work of young children in Indonesia who dipamerikan Markers @ America Fair , recently . (see also: waptrick)

Those who got sajungan are dozens of students from various schools and universities in Indonesia managed to create projects and prototope robot . It was first held in the United States .

" I was amazed by what can be made ​​by young children ( Indonesia ) . If I have to make myself, I do not know where to start , " he said in Jakarta .

Christian said the exhibition innovations such as Maker 's Fair had been made in the U.S. and he hopes Makers Fair @ America can enlarge Indonesian students the opportunity to showcase their innovations.

Dozens of booths set up at the event to display projects and works like a watering machine , quadcopter , robot firefighter and Rube Goldberg machines , which are all made from various backgrounds , from high school students , college students , until the robot community .
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Prototypes of various exhibitions and projects at Maker 's Fair , Bauer claimed most interested in robots made ​​by children in Indonesia.

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

About Cikukua Lantang

Noisy Friarbird
Philemon corniculatus ( Latham , 1790 )

Cikukua aloud © Dale A. Zimmerman
description (see also: obat burung)
Large size ( 30 cm ) . Cikukua common in the Trans - Fly savanna . The whole face , crown and nape bare ( black -headed look from afar ) . There is a knob on the beak . There is no kind of lai that whole bald head and around her neck a white fringe .

Single nasalized sound , high pitch sound like a slow version of the gray crow . Chirp duet slower than Cikukua horn .
Not yet available sound recordings of birds taken in Indonesia

Distribution and Race
Locally abundant in the Trans - Fly savanna , southern Papua . Consists of two sub - species , with a distribution area :

corniculatus ( Latham , 1790 ) - Papua southern ( S. Wassi Kussa east to S. Oriomo ) and northeastern Australia .
monachus ( Latham , 1801 ) - eastern and southeastern Australia .
Place of Life and Habit
Noisy and active , in the wooded savanna , eucalyptus forests , coastal scrub , wetlands and flooded forests . Feed on nectar , fruit , insects and inveteberata , sometimes also mekangsa bird eggs and chicks .
Only the female builds a nest , in a bowl -shaped , composed of bark and grass dijali with cobwebs , and placed on the tree branches . Females lay eggs , but their partners also seek food for puppies to be able to fly and leave the nest . (see also: vitamin burung)

IUCN Red List : Low Risk ( LC )
International trade : -
Protection : PP. 7/1999


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ragunan Will Beat Singapore Zoo

Hashim Djojohadikusomo - Ragunan Will Defeat the Singapore Zoo

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has raised brother Hashim Djojohadikusomo Prabowo is to serve as the board of trustees Ragunan Zoo , the wealthy businessman is ready and committed to fix Ragunan to be better than the existing zoos abroad , particularly Singapore .
(see also: pakan burung)

" We did not have the same potential as Singapore . I guess one day we will surpass Singapore and nicer than Singapore , " said Hashim in Jakarta , Saturday ( 6/7 ) .

But Hashim Djojohadikusomo included Gerindra politician dismissed the news about him being sworn in by Ahok as a favor , which he says is only entitled to the Governor that he was sworn in as a board of trustees Ragunan Zoo .

" I appointed Mr. Jokowi , not Ahok . That the supervisory board is entitled to appoint governors . not vice governor . And secondly , I have a mandate to fix ragunan , " said Hashim, who was named the 39th richest man by Forbes .

Hashim itself has been doing an inventory of existing assets in Ragunan , and will melaporkanya to Guberur Establishments Jokow lifeboat indication of corruption .
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" We 've also count how many animals , land area , and so on . Personnel , SDA must also be assessed . There is news from the community to pack the governor if there is corruption in Ragunan , there are dead animals , "said Hashim .