Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP value Can Islamic Coalition Party Strikes

JAKARTA - The power of the Islamic party is perceived to be dangerous if the coalition . Because the coalition of Islamic parties could collect at least 31 percent of the vote .

" That's a significant number , " said Vice Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Emron Pangkapi organizations and leaders during a meeting to discuss a coalition of Islamic parties in Cikini , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
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According to him , just how a meeting held at the house of Hashim Ning 's employers Ratna
can be narrowed to the same ideas . " Then in turn make the history of the Republic of Indonesia, " he said .

He said , in 1999 , the PPP coalition initiated the central axis . If today , the Islamic party sat down together to revive the same thing , he said , is a positive thing .

"This is a good news for Indonesian Muslims , " he said .

Emron added , a coalition of Islamic parties still very realistic . He considered , now a revival of religion-based political parties in the world . In Indonesia , the Islamic party could also rise if supported by the entire community .

"I believe history will have a central axis , " he said .

About the presidential candidate who will be supported , he continued , now looking for a figure acceptable to all parties , have high electability , and can be mutually agreed .


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