Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Golkar Wish There Axle Third

Golkar is still hope for a third axis to face the two political axis that has been formed . However , whether or not to form a new axis is dependent on political decisions and Hanura Democratic Party .

" Certainly we have not closed all odds , including the third axis , because the Democrats are still waiting for him to have a convention , " said Chairman of the Golkar Party DPP Rully Chairul Anwar told reporters at the office of the DPP Golkar Party , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .
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Rully asked about the possibility of the closing of the General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie be a presidential candidate companion Gerindra , Prabowo . It follows the news of the declaration plan PAN chairman Hatta Rajasa General as vice president for the former commander of the Special Forces .

Of the 10 political parties that passed the threshold of parliament ( parliamentary threshold ) , only Golkar , Democrat , and Hanura are not shown for the coalition certainty . If the third- party vote totals were combined , accounted for 30.2 percent of the Golkar details 14.75 percent , 10.19 percent Democrat , and Hanura 5.26 percent . Thus , the combined third- party coalition was enough to carry the vice - presidential partner .

Rully added , if the third axis formed coalition , the party would still ask Bakrie as a presidential candidate . As for the vice presidential candidate can be taken from one of the winners of the Democratic Convention .

" We want this election elected more choices so that the presidential election will be able to give the people a better choice , " he said .

Nevertheless, he said, the success or failure of a third axis formation remains dependent on the willingness of Democrats and Hanura . If both parties are reluctant to build a new shaft , Golkar will provide support to one of the existing shaft . The decision to grant support will be discussed in the national leadership meeting to be held on 17-18 May 2014 to come.


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