Friday, May 2, 2014

Ical Rated Workers Ability to Increase Prosperity

Golkar presidential candidate , Bakrie ( ARB ) , is believed to improve the welfare of workers . The concept of the welfare state Ical be initiated discussion among workers .

" The point we want to increase prosperity, " said workers in the industrial area Pulogadung , Cecelia Hidayat , Jakarta , Friday ( 2/4 ) . ARB believes it has a concept , because the businessman had served Menkokesra . Of course , obviously Cecelia , existing strategies to develop the welfare of the general public , including labor .
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The ability to improve the welfare of society thinks is absolutely owned all of the presidential candidates. It is judged as a crucial issue , as it relates to the lives of many people . " ARB should have of course , " said the man from Garut .

Labor Union Members Jakarta , Abdul Hakim , said Ical can increase the popularity and elektabilitasnya if more often approaching labor . The number of workers very much . " I'm sure the welfare state can be talked about and discussed , " he explained .
Labor would want an increase in welfare . More than that , they also want a decent life . Anyone elected candidate , including ARBs , should be able to realize it .

The concept of Indonesian political observers ( Konsepindo ) Research and Consultant , Budiman , declared secured are seeking to improve the welfare of workers . Their interests to dwell on the increase in wages and a decent life .
" For the ARB , it must be done , because the labor rights and obligations of the state , " he explained . Nevertheless , it suggests ARB to maximize worker falls closer to building a family atmosphere .


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